Stencilling Windows for a Cozy Winter Feel

I decorated this flocked tree a few weeks ago in our study/home office, placing it in front of the window. Mainly because it had been too cold to decorate the house’s exterior up until then and we needed a little festive cheer on that side of the house. In the meantime, we decorated the five spruces with colorful string lights and a few icicle-string lights around the porch. Those, combined with the tree lights shining through the window, look amazing at night! I decided to take it one step further by stencilling windows with baubles and snowflakes.

Snowflake stencil003. 2

Our extremely cold winters made me finally give up on porch decorating—the tree and the stenciling kind of feel like a good compromise, decorating from the inside out.

As you can see, everything outside is covered in snow, so maybe it’s the other way around by painting snowflakes inside the window!

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This project was super easy. It took about an hour from start to finish.

A Double Row of Hanging Baubles

Stencilling a window with christmas baubles

I started at the top of the window with a straight line of baubles that almost looked like they were hanging from the decorative bar. Glass is such a forgiving surface to paint! Painter’s tape is perfect for keeping the stencil in place, and any mistakes can easily be wiped away.

I used less than a tablespoon of paint for the entire project. To avoid smudges, your brush should have the minimum amount of paint. Pouring the paint into a long, flat container helps to spread it out as thin as possible – 1/8 of an inch at most.

I started stippling on the white paint with a firm and almost dry brush.

Snowflake stencil006

The hanging ornaments are stenciled across the entire width of the window.

Stencilling Snowflakes on the Window

Stencilling snowflakes on a window

I painted everything with white chalk paint, and although some of the snowflakes appear slightly darker, the difference is only due to using a little more paint on some of them.

Snowflake stencil009

After placing the snowflake stencil right in the middle of the window, straight up, I decided that repeating that would be way too dense and structured. I wanted a more random pattern, so I twisted the stencil sideways and didn’t paint all four snowflakes in one placement.

Snowflake stencil010 edited

I added snowflakes until most of the window’s middle section was covered.

With everything covered in snow outside, they are not easy to capture in a photo, but don’t you think this is a super cute addition? It makes the room feel so much cozier!

Snowflake stencil013 edited

The view from the outside is also pretty. From this angle, you mostly see the reflection of the outside, but the baubles at the top are more visible.

Snowflake stencil019. 2

At night, it looks even better!

Snowflake stencil018

Stenciling windows is a great way to decorate for the holidays when your space is limited for displaying and storing seasonal decor. When taking all the holiday decor down, the stenciling can easily be scraped off with a razor blade.

I might remove the baubles after Christmas but keep the snowflakes up for the rest of the winter. They are so pretty!

A window decorated with stencilled snowflakes and baubles

The tree and the lights were already magical, but the stenciling added a little extra layer of coziness that is always welcome during winter.

Have you ever tried stencilling windows? Let me know in the comments!

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