Hello! My name is Marieza, and I am so happy to meet you!

To learn the story about Home with Marieza, it needs to be told from the very beginning.

With all the twists and turns of an exciting life as a family making a home.

Where it all began

At the very beginning of this millennium, a boy and a girl with stars in their eyes and love in their hearts decided to make a home together. We were young and poor and had to be creative to make a cozy home.

wedding photo

Two little girls came along to complete our family.


This all happened on the other side of the world, in a different hemisphere.

We grew up and raised our littles in sunny South Africa.

girl and goats

Where the girls played with goats on my dad’s farm.

thorntrees with bows

Where Christmasses were blazing hot, and I decorated the thorn trees with bows to look more festive.

And where I transformed our dream home into everything we wanted, room by room.

We had a new dream

We were longing for something else. Living somewhere near the Rocky Mountains was part of that dream.

We schemed, and we planned, and we made it work.

We made the move with all the sentimental FURNITURE THAT BELONGED TO MY GRANDPARENTS and all five of our pets – because it would not feel like our home without them.

sleeping cat

A new beginning

Moving to a new country is, in some ways, like pressing the reset button.

It is exciting and refreshing and new and one of the scariest things we have ever done!!!

About Home with Marieza in Canada

In Canada, we had to learn how to shovel snow, what clothes to wear when it’s -40 outside, and all those things that weren’t a part of our previous life.

We now live in a builder-grade home that we chose for the green space on three sides and the view of the Rockies. Our dream has come true!

view of a golf course

The house is becoming less builder-grade, one DIY at a time.

The powder room was the first to get a makeover with WALLPAPER AND BOARD AND BATTEN.

We now also have a custom LAUNDRY ROOM, a LANDSCAPED GARDEN filled with flowers and shrubs, and a redesigned ENTRYWAY, to name only a few.

About Home with Marieza

I began blogging about all my dreams, schemes, and hard work halfway through all these projects.

With a bit of seasonal decorating and crafting thrown into the mix, of course.

favorite fall decor for a porch

What is next?

I have so many plans and dream for this house still to come.

My next big project that will kick off soon is painting our kitchen cabinets, updating the hardware, and a few other budget-friendly tweaks that will make it feel like a new kitchen.

I would love for you to join me on this journey! Be sure to subscribe if you want to see how this house evolves into the custom home of our dreams.

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