Do you decorate with nutcrackers? Many people seem to find them scary, and I agree, the ones with big teeth and thick black eyebrows can look quite mean. I adore nutcrackers, and I’m fascinated by all the creative looks they can have. I have one dressed as a Canadian Mountie – so cute!

Painting nutcrackers seem to be very popular lately on Pinterest and Instagram. Most are being painted one solid color for a more modern look. Following my own painting and color trends of the last year, I decided I needed a blue nutcracker to match my blue decor. Not solid blue since I love all the painted detail.

Starting With A Clean Slate

Gathering supplies to paint a nutcracker

When I saw this plain white nutcracker, it immediately set the wheels in motion. I couldn’t resist creating my own version!

Of course, you can paint any nutcracker, even if it is already painted and embellished, but I suggest you remove any hair, trim, etc. and prime it with white paint. It just makes things easier.

Choosing Colors To Paint Your Nutcracker

The colors I used to paint this nutcracker perfectly reflect our home’s color palette – white, dark blue, light blue, a hint of green, and a dash of gold!

Painting a nutcracker in blue and white

For the head and hands, I mixed a tiny bit of beige and pink to create a pale skin color.

I used white and light blue for his uniform.

Using different shades of blue to paint a nutcracker

The boots and the belt are painted dark blue.

I painted the small tree in his hand light green and added a bit of metallic green to the edges of the tree’s layers.

After the last paint, I sealed the whole nutcracker with a coat of gloss sealer.

Adding Texture To The Painted Nutcracker

At the Dollar Store, I found a few items to add texture to this nutcracker.

Adding faux fur for the nutcracker's hair and mustache

I found Paint-it-yourself kits with tiny nutcrackers, and the faux fur included for their hair and beards was the perfect amount for a bit of hair (he is bald at the back) and a mustache for this guy.

Adding blue velvet ribbon and gold yarn trimming to the nutcracker

Blue velvet ribbon made the perfect trim around his cuffs and hat. On top of the velvet ribbon, I added thin gold yarn that’s been in my craft stash for many years.

Painting small detail on the nutcracker with golden gilding wax

What would a project of mine be without a bit of gilding wax? I added it to the snowflake on his hat, the tip of the tree, the detail on his belt and the stripes or rings on his shoulders and boots.

Adding tiny golden button detail to the nutcracker's cuffs

The last detail I added was sticky golden dots I also found at the Dollar Store. I added one to every tip of the snowflake on his hat and, my favorite, three buttons on every cuff. Isn’t that adorable?

The Blue Painted Nutcracker

Blue painted Nutcracker

Doesn’t he look dapper in his new blue outfit? I love the new look!

I would love to hear your thoughts on painting a Nutcracker blue. Let me know!

Until next time, happy painting!

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A nutcracker painted to match a blue color scheme

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  1. I love it! The blues you chosen are beautiful

  2. I have always intensely disliked nutcrackers, but I love this one. The blue, gold and touch of green are perfect as are your embellishments. This one I shall pin and keep my eye out for a similar nutcracker. He is perfect.

  3. I love him!! I really am loving the blue….he looks better than the manufactured ones. Great job on the adornments…perfect for him! Thank you for sharing this perfect nutcracker man dressed in his “Blues”!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this Marieza. I have been looked at nutcrackers but they don’t fit my blue and white colour scheme this year. I might have to zip down to the store and buy one now.

    1. That makes me so happy to hear, Carol! I would love to see yours if you decide to make one.

  5. He looks so gorgeous and all brand new, love the colours you chose and the added gold elements are perfect.x

    1. I’m so glad you like it! Thanks, Janette.

  6. Marieza you are incredible! As soon as I saw the title of this post in my email I had to zip right over here and see how you did it. You surpassed my expectations once again – what a brilliant idea! And your execution is stellar. Those gold dots are genius, and look so good on your little nutcracker. Thanks for an idea I never would have thought of, and the inspiration to pull it off! Happy last day of November!

    1. Happy last day of November, Barbara! Your comments always make me smile, thank you so much!