Easter Craft – Burlap Carrots for a Neutral Color Scheme

Spring is in the air, and Easter is around the corner! Everywhere you look, it’s just tulips, bunnies, eggs, and pastels.

This Easter craft, however, is none of the above. These burlap carrots are perfect for a neutral color scheme.

Supplies for an easter craft

Materials Used to Make the Burlap Carrots:

  • Craft/Floral Foam
  • A roll of Burlap Wrap
  • Twine
  • Faux Greenery

(The green ribbon in the photo didn’t make the final cut.)

Cutting foam pieces into carrot shapes

Craft foam was the first thing that came to mind to give my carrots shape.

I began by cutting triangles from the block of craft foam.

An ordinary kitchen knife with fine teeth works great to carve away edges until it resembles a carrot or cone shape.

Use your knife to make a hole in the top of each carrot.

Cutting pieces of burlap wrap

I used about 10 inches of burlap wrap per carrot.

Hot glue is perfect for securing one end of the burlap to the foam.

Wrapping burlap around foam  to form burlap carrots

Tightly wrap the burlap around the foam and secure the end with hot glue as well.

Cut off the excess burlap, leaving just enough to cover the top of the foam.

Put a bit of hot glue in the hole on top and tuck in all the remaining burlap.

Wrapping twine around the burlap carrots

For a bit of added texture, I coiled twine around each carrot.

Bottom to top and back again to the bottom to form a few crisscrosses.

A drop of hot glue here and there will keep the twine in place.

Using hot glue to keep pieces together

Fill the hole at the top with glue to secure the greenery.

Using faux greenery as carrots stems and leaves

A few sprigs of fine faux greenery will work great as carrot stems and leaves.

An easy easter craft, burlap carrots

Here they are in a wooden bowl, decorating my entryway. Aren’t they just the cutest??

Burlap carrots as an easter craft

I absolutely love how they turned out. Perfect neutral spring and Easter decor.

Diy carrots as neutral decor

This easter craft was so quick and easy. I don’t think it took me much longer than an hour. It was also super relaxing!

I highly recommend it.

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Burlap carrots on display

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