When I decorated the entryway and stairs for Christmas, I was looking for something to put on the two-tiered stair landing, which always looks very bare and empty in photos. Lanterns are the perfect fillers for this space! I found two fall lanterns in the storage room that I used to decorate the porch a few years ago. Let me show you how easy converting them into Christmas lanterns was.

Each lantern has a little door, which makes it easy to remove the fall leaves and battery-operated candles (held in place by two small screws each).

I sprayed them with my favorite gold spray paint. Once the paint was dry, it took me less than 15 minutes to finish these Christmas lanterns. So quick and easy!

Step one was to reattach the battery-operated candles.

To replace the fall leaves, I used a piece of fir garland I’d already cut shorter for a previous project.

It took about 18 inches of garland to fill the bottom of one lantern.

Making a Christmas lantern with greenery and baubles

I used 2-inch red baubles to add a bit of color. They kind of look like oversized holly berries.

On the outside, I tied a bow around each lantern’s top, using green velvet wired ribbon.

Before pulling the ribbon tight, I placed a wire tie underneath it. I love using these versatile ties that blend in perfectly with most greenery. They are great for hanging garlands on the stair rails!

When making bows, they are excellent at keeping everything together without making big bulky knots with the ribbon.

I made a double bow, and one quick twist keeps everything together.

After cutting the tails short, I tied a small pick with berries, leaves and pine cones to the middle of the bow.

Repeat with the second lantern, and that’s really all there is to it! Quick and easy.

Christmas lantern on a stair lantern

They look great on the stairs, especially at night when the candles (with timers) are burning.

A Christmas lantern on a stair landing

So festive and cheery!

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