Classic Red and Gold Christmas Decor Inspiration

When I planned a new theme for my Christmas decor, I wanted a traditional and classic look for this holiday season.

I added a lot of blue to the living room this year, so I didn’t want to add more blue elements but rather something that would complement all the dark blue. What could be better than a traditional red and gold color combination? It’s the perfect combination!

Earlier this year, I gave my storage room a makeover to be more functional. In the process, I sorted all the tree ornaments by color, making my life so much easier!

Being able to instantly get a bin with red ornaments and a container with gold decorations kicked things off to a quick start.

Red and gold christmas tree decorations

I added a tiny amount of blue ribbon and blue ornaments to tie in the red and gold Christmas tree decorations.

Red and gold christmas 037

Most of the ornaments on the tree are from previous years, but I did add a few new ornaments, like the glittery star tree topper that stole my heart when I saw it. I found small ornaments that look just like the tree topper, and I added a bunch since they add a lot of variety next to the baubles.

Red and gold christmas tree decor ( and a little bit of navy blue) in a variety of shapes and textures.

I tried to use the same shades of red and gold but added interest with various textures and shapes.

Red and Gold Faux Flowers as Tree Decor

Flowers, like the big red and smaller gold poinsettias I used, are great for filling any “bald” spots on an artificial tree.

Christmas tree decorated in red and gold with added red and gold faux flowers

A Classic Red and Gold Christmas Mantel

I used five floral foam blocks wrapped in chicken wire to keep the mantel decor in place. The five blocks in a row span almost the entire length of the mantel. I used Command hooks to keep the roll on top of the mantel.

Redgold christmas031

It took two pieces of garland to cover the chicken wire. I also tucked in smaller stems to bulk up the greenery and add variety with subtle changes.

For a touch of gold, I added a small French horn hanging from the middle of the arrangement.

The glittery gold picks added a pop of color but not quite the traditional holiday cheer I wanted. After living with it for a few days, I realized I was missing gold or red ribbons and bows, and the gold picks had to go.

Mantel decor with big red  faux poinsettias, garland and red ribbon and bows

I added garlands hanging down the sides of the mantel. They looked a little bit thin, so I added small branches with pine needles and berry picks on each side. I found the gorgeous red and gold ribbon at Walmart.

Pheasant feathers adding interest to a classic decorated red and gold christmas mantel

For added interest, I stuck a bunch of pheasant feathers in the middle section and two giant sugar pine cones on each side. These big pine cones are handy in many places during fall and winter. 

Red and gold christmas 040

Gold ornaments tucked in here and there, and the mantel is now one of my favorite things in the family room! The pheasant feathers make a bold statement, and I am really pleased with this look.

Mantel decor with big red faux poinsettias, garland and red ribbon and bows

Seasonal Art for Difficult Spaces

Decorating the shelves that flank the fireplace has become easier since I redesigned this area last year, but the tops are still challenging.

I found the cutest printed canvas at Goodwill that works so well to dress up this problematic area.

Red and gold christmas 044

Isn’t it just adorable? I love this sweet scene of kids playing hockey in the snow! I never imagined this inexpensive canvas could become such a focal point on these shelves.

Redgold christmas005

The piece I found for the shelves on the other side is cute but not quite as special as the one with the kids playing hockey. It does help to brighten up this area, though, and it was only $3.

Red and gold christmas 051

This sweet little Santa is one of our oldest Christmas decorations. I bought it almost 20 years ago!

Red and gold christmas 047

Adding these little bottle brush trees is an easy way to give the bookshelves a festive touch.

Don’t mind the “snow” on the floor that must have sifted down when I fiddled with the mantel garlands after I had already vacuumed for the day. Sigh.

Fire place mantel with red and gold christmas decorations

This photo was taken before I changed the mantel decor, but it gives you an idea of how the room looks.

Red and gold christmas033

I love the look of this year’s tree! Honestly, I messed up last year’s tree by adding too many things that didn’t work together. Lesson learned. That is also why I tried to use the same shades of red and gold throughout, and it worked!

Red and gold christmas051

Our home, decorated for Christmas, was featured on The DIY Playbook. I feel so honored to have been part of this. Thank you, Casey!

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of our living room with its traditional red and gold Christmas holiday decor.

Until next time, happy decorating!

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