Quick and Easy DIY Placemats

Don’t you just love using stuff you already have to create something new? A few weeks ago, I bought two pieces of hardboard for the back of the bookcases I built. The off-cuts were staring me in the face as I worked in the garage, and I decided to put them to good use. I cut them into smaller pieces with the table saw to create DIY placemats, decorating them with paint and transfers – my favorite!

I’ve been working on my home office makeover for several weeks and felt like I could do with a break. I needed a quick and easy project, something fun that would not take longer than a day or two to complete. These placemats were the perfect project!

Products Needed for the DIY Placemats

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Diy placemats002

The hardboard off-cuts were big enough to cut six placemats of 11 x 15 inches each and one 11 x 36-inch piece that I thought could be useful as a centerpiece for hot dishes, etc.

The transfer design includes four sheets, of which two form one big image, the perfect size for a centerpiece.

Painting the base coat of the placemats

As a basecoat, I painted all the boards with an off-white paint color.

Diy placemats004

Once that was dry, I used a beautiful blue named Quiet Cove to roughly paint a border of about an inch, blended with more white in the middle.

Diy placemats005

I used a big round brush to blend the two colors to flow seamlessly into one another. It ended up looking like clouds in a blue sky.

Cutting out pieces of transfer images

Two of the sheets consist of smaller images that can be separated. I picked the images I liked best and divided them between the six placemats.

Applying transfer images to the painted diy placemats

Two of the placemats each have an image in the bottom corner, two with images in the top corner and two with images centered at the bottom.

Diy placemats008

The remaining two sheets each have half of one big design, which looks absolutely gorgeous on the long center mat.

A closer look at one of the diy placemats

It looks even better than I imagined! I am so glad I used two blended colors for the background instead of one solid color.

Six diy placemats and a center piece made with hardboard, paint and transfer images

Here, you can see all the pieces together. I feared the blue might be too dark under some parts of the transfer images, but it turned out beautifully. These two colors together are the perfect backdrop for this design, don’t you think?

Tablescape Inspiration

This table setting shows how the placemats and center mat can be used. The red accents in the design led me to a red and blue scheme.

Diy placemats used as part of a tablescape

If you are looking for something red and blue that isn’t all flags, this could work for a 4th of July table.

Diy placemats011

Using less blue and more white could even work for Canada Day! The possibilities are endless.

I would love to hear what you think of these DIY placemats!

Until next time, happy crafting and happy celebrating!

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