13 Good Reasons to Decorate A Mini Christmas Tree

Oh, how I love to decorate a mini tree! They come in any shape, size or texture you can think of and can be used to decorate any spot in your home. Need a bit of inspiration? Let me show you a few ideas.

Spots Perfect for a Mini Christmas Tree

The Entryway

All blue ornaments decorate a mini tree on a blue console table in the entryway.

I styled this small, slim tree in all blue ornaments on the blue console table in the entryway.

An undecorated mini tree in the entryway

An undecorated mini tree can look great well past Christmas for the rest of winter.

Decorating mini trees007

This little tree was decorated with pink and metallic green mini ornaments to match the color scheme of last year’s staircase garlands.

Decorating mini trees009

The same tree, one year earlier, with a few gold ornaments.

The Kitchen

Decorating mini trees008

I love this view of the winter sun streaming in the kitchen window. After the Holiday decor has been packed away, a few undecorated trees make the house feel less empty.

Decorating mini trees004

A mini tree decorated with gingerbread ornaments also looks great in any kitchen. (Even if they aren’t real gingerbread, like these clay ornaments.)

The Mantel

Decorating mini trees011

This mantel is decorated with various naked mini trees and simple green garlands.

Kids’ Bedrooms

I have never decorated bedrooms for Christmas, but I have friends whose kids love to have their own little trees in their bedrooms.

Decorating mini trees002

These adorable and colorful gingerbread ornaments are made of soft and flexible plastic. They would be ideal for a mini tree in a small child’s room.

A Classroom

The mini tree above, with soft and safe ornaments, could also cheer up a classroom!

Here is a link to shop these Gingerbread Cuties!

An Office

A small tabletop tree is ideal if you like decorating your office or workspace.

Decorating mini trees003

This skinny little tree would be ideal if you have limited space. I wrapped a 6-foot berry garland around it to add a bit of color.

Decorating mini trees001

If you have a little more space and like a more elegant look, these beige and black DIY ornaments could create a “fancy but festive” look. (I’ll be posting how they were made soon.)

You can also decorate a mini tree to use as a centerpiece on the dining room table, coffee table, kitchen island, and hearth to the sides of the fireplace. Let’s not forget the patio and porch!

Most of these ideas are “in addition to” your traditional Christmas tree, but there are occasions when it may be “instead of…”

You May Want to Ditch the Big Tree and Decorate a Mini Tree When…

  • You don’t have storage space for a bigger tree and a huge amount of ornaments.
  • You are a minimalist who likes to keep it simple.
  • You have a baby that crawls or runs around, drawn to the tree like a magnet.
  • You have pets (mostly kittens) who can’t leave the tree alone.
  • You are not hosting and will be away on Christmas Day.
  • You may be moving to a new house soon, and all your decorations are packed up or in storage.
  • You just don’t have the (physical or emotional) energy to decorate a big tree or the whole house.

My Mini Peptalk

The holidays are filled with fun and festivities, but it is also prime time for anxiety and overwhelm. You don’t need a 12-foot showstopper to feel the season’s joy. Sometimes, one mini tree can be more than enough to make a home festive. Your inner peace should take priority over a pretty tree and shiny ornaments.

You’ve got this, friend!

Merry Christmas! And lots of peace, love and…

Brown joy candle holder

More Small Tree Inspiration


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